Wall-Mount Range Hood Installation

Wall-Mount Range Hood Installation


$249.99 Price includes replacement of an existing wall-mount range hood 36" or smaller.

$399.99 Price includes replacement of an existing wall-mount range hood 37" or larger.

Professional Installation

Guaranteed to have your new appliance up and running We'll install and make sure your new wall-mount range hood is working. Haul away services are also available for purchase for $25. We will take and recycle your existing wall-mount range hood.

Included with Professional Installation Service

Disconnection and removal of existing wall-mount range hood Mounting of new wall-mount range hood to wall and cabinetry Connection to existing ductwork If haul away is purchased, we will haul away your existing wall-mount range hood IMPORTANT: Existing venting direction (inside vs. outside) cannot be changed as part of this service.

Required Existing Connections

Dedicated 110V electrical source

External venting ductwork (for external venting hoods)

Potential Additional Charges

Required local permit fees

Extensive labor to remove the existing wall-mount range hood or modifications to install the new wall-mount range hood Installation of electrical outlet (if required) where hardwired electrical connection is present

Things to do to make sure your installation is completed

Clear a path from the street to the kitchen, ensuring it is wide enough to accommodate the downdraft system

Clear cabinet and counters around installation site

Make sure someone 18 or older is present at the appointment time