trash compactor installation

trash compactor installation


Professional Installation

Guaranteed to have your new appliance up and running We'll install and make sure your new trash compactor is working. Haul away services are also available for purchase for $25. We will take and recycle your existing trash compactor.

Required Existing Connections 110V power near the opening for your new trash compactor

Potential Additional Charges

Required local permit fees Installation of power outlet if your current trash compactor is hardwired Bringing utilities up to code Replacement of incompatible or nonfunctioning connections Extensive labor for removal of existing trash compactor

Preparation for Installation Help your installation go smoothly:

Clear the space where the trash compactor will be installed

Empty your existing trash compactor Clear a path from the street to the kitchen, ensuring it is wide enough to accommodate the trash compactor

Make sure someone 18 or older is present at the appointment time