Gas Dryer Installation

Gas Dryer Installation


Professional Installation

Guaranteed to have your new appliance up and running We'll install your new gas dryer, connect it to existing local utilities and outside venting, and make sure it is working. For a front-load dryer, we'll place it on a compatible pedestal. Haul away services are also available for purchase for $25. We will take and recycle your existing dryer.

Required Existing Connections

Functional gas shutoff valve behind dryer Access to appropriate outside venting

 Additional Service Charges

Replacement of faulty or absent gas shutoff valve

Door swing reversal

IMPORTANT: You must purchase a new dryer gas line and vent kit for your new dryer. Existing dryer gas line and exposed venting materials cannot be reused. Side venting not available.

We cannot install venting in crawl spaces.

Stacking your washer and dryer.( installation only if your existing dryer is the same size as your new washer and you have purchased the correct stacking kit)

Things to do to make sure your installation is completed

Clear a path from the street to the laundry room, ensuring it is wide enough to accommodate the dryer

Make sure someone 18 or older is present at the appointment time